Diploma in Fire Fighting Engineering

Fire Fighting Engineering

Duration: 6 Months Course


Diploma in Fire Fighting Engineering is a comprehensive subject. It is not only relates to various natural science such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, mechanics, electronics, architecture, information, psychology, physiology, but also relates to many humanities and social sciences such as law, economics, philosophy, management science, pedagogy and calamity study. Firefighters are highly trained rescuers who have been extensively trained in firefighting. They are responsible for extinguishing hazardous fires that could threaten life, property, the environment, as well as rescuing people, and sometimes animals, from potentially dangerous situations. Sometimes, male firefighters are called fireman and female firefighters as firewoman. The Firefighter course provides the necessary firefighting skills and knowledge to meet minimum job performance requirements. Employers must ensure that their workplace is free from fire hazards and that employees are protected in the event of a fire. Firefighters are closely associated with other emergency response agencies like the police or emergency medical service. The roles of firefighters may overlap with those of other emergency response agencies. Fire marshals and fire investigators look into the causes of fires. Their work may overlap with that of law enforcement if the fire was started by negligence or arson. Many firefighters provide some level of emergency medical service. They can certify and work as full-time paramedics, from truck and engine, or rescue companies in certain systems, to initiate advanced life support until transport arrives. Firefighting can be further divided into the following skills: size-up and extinguishing, ventilation, search and rescue, salvage, containment, mop-up and overhaul. Fire protection engineers must be able to multitask, communicate, and have a good understanding of MS Office, AutoCAD, and Revit. You have the option to choose from a variety of career options when you enroll in Fire Fighting Training. You can begin a new career if you’re a fresher. However, experience will help you reach higher levels. A passout can be appointed to any of the following positions: Fire Fighting Engineer, Fire Fighting Supervisor, or Fire Fighting Draftsman.Our course structure is capacitated with deep knowledge of drafting and its peripheral components along with their planning and functioning.





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Degree in MEP engineering


Good knowledge in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing technical Areas.

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