Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Duration: 6 Months Course

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Diploma in Mechanical engineering Involves the design, development, construction and testing of thermal and mechanical sensors and devices. This includes tools, engines and machines. Most mechanical engineers work in engineering services, research, development, manufacturing. It is an engineering branch that combines engineering mathematics and engineering physics principles with materials science to create, analyze, make, and maintain mechanical systems. Because mechanical engineering careers focus on developing technologies that meet human needs, A mechanical engineer is a skilled professional who can help people in many ways. Although they are usually located in offices, mechanical engineers can be found out on the job, often visiting work sites to fix equipment or provide support. They also oversee construction elements.
  This field requires a solid understanding of core areas such as mechanics, dynamics and thermodynamics, materials science and structural analysis. These core principles are used by mechanical engineers in the use of tools like computer-aided designing (CAD), computer aided manufacturing (CAM), product lifecycle management, and heating and cooling systems. They also design and analyze manufacturing plants, industrial machinery and equipment, heat and cooling systems, transport systems and aircraft, watercraft, robotics and medical devices. Mechanical engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the production and operation of machinery, Society depends on it. This expertise is needed in many areas, so there are no limits for a newly minted mechanical engineering professional. Mechanical engineering is in high demand. This includes in the aerospace, electronics and biotechnology industries. Mechanical engineers can design components, machines, systems, and processes to meet this wide demand. These include the macro and micro, as well as the most complex systems such as satellites and cars. They also include the smallest parts like sensors and switches. Anything that needs to be manufactured–indeed, anything with moving parts–needs the expertise of a mechanical engineer.





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Degree in MEP engineering


Good knowledge in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing technical Areas.

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