Post Graduate Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Post Graduate Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Duration: One Year Course


Do you have a degree in electrical engineering? Would you like to expand your knowledge in this field? You should choose the Post Graduate Diploma In Electrical Engineering. This course is one-year in length and prepares students to be efficient professionals in this field as well as to face new challenges. The course creates a pathway to students to make career in electrical field and develop their professional growth. The students who have completed their bachelors degree in electrical /electronics/ telecommunications/computers from a recognized university are eligible for the course. The qualified PG diploma electricians have many job opportunities in the electrical industry. You can find work in private and public electrical departments, construction companies, and the electrical and electronic component manufacturing industries. This job description includes the following: Lecturer, network engineer/researcher, IT consultant, and electrical engineer. Students can also choose to continue their studies or pursue research. Students can choose to work independently or pursue research. The higher education in electric engineering aims to enhance their knowledge and focus on various aspects, such as the selection of electrical equipment, international codes, specifications, etc. The emphasis is on electrical load calculations, earthing design and lightening protection, as well as control schematics design. They will have the opportunity to test and design electrical equipment. This program helps students learn the principles and methods of electrical engineering, and sharpens their skills. Multidisciplinary, the field focuses on communication skills, decision-making abilities, and logical reasoning. It also equips students to assume leadership roles.





Course name

Degree in MEP engineering


Good knowledge in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing technical Areas.

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