Post Graduate Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Post Graduate Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Duration: One Year


Are you looking to expand your knowledge in mechanical engineering? You want to pursue advanced studies in mechanical engineering and improve your skills? Mechanical engineering was created during the industrial revolution. This branch of engineering is the oldest. This course prepares students for a career as mechanical engineers. Mechanical engineers are employed in manufacturing and metallurgical areas. Wide range of opportunities are available for qualified students to work. The discipline deals with the study and understanding of concepts that includes mechanics, thermodynamics, structural analysis and material science. Mechanical engineering emerged as a field during the Industrial Revolution in Europe in the 18th century; however, its development can be traced back several thousand years around the world. The 19th century saw the advancements in physics that led to mechanical engineering science. The field has continually evolved to incorporate advancements; today mechanical engineers are pursuing developments in such areas as composites, mechatronics, and nanotechnology. Technologists who are qualified can earn a Bachelor of Engineering degree with a major mechanical engineering. This program allows technologists to expand their capabilities into advanced design and conceptual phases of engineering. The program includes core and elective courses as well as engineering design. A major project allows the student to focus on a specific area of engineering, such fluid system design or heat exchanger design. A core course is required to give the student a solid foundation in mechanical engineering. Students who have completed their engineering degree in mechanical stream at a university recognized are eligible for elective courses. They must be able to think independently and have fluency in English language skills. They must be analytical, logical and able to make good decisions. To improve their efficiency in this field, they must be able to solve problems. They will be exposed to high-level designs, multidisciplinary skills and have the opportunity to do research.





Course name

Degree in MEP engineering


Good knowledge in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing technical Areas.

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